Inherently Essential


Amanda started her career in the Womens Royal Naval Service before having a break to start a family. When she returned to work she entered the financial services industry and realised how many people did not get their affairs in order, so after having her own Will drafted she made it her mission to do all she could to ensure people got their affairs in order in an easy and less daunting way.

Fourteen years later, Amanda has established a business with many associated services to ensure her clients can have the peace of mind that if the worst happens, everything has been thought of.

She is a member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters, the leading self-regulatory body in the sector and a constant campaigner for the formal regulation of the willwriting profession. The Consumer Codes Approval Scheme, run by the Trading Standards Institute, has approved the Institute of Professional Willwriters’ Code of Practice.


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The Code of Practice provides clients of IPW members with assurances that: 

  1. Their Willwriter is competent to provide the services that they offer
  2. Their Willwriter has professional indemnity insurance of at least £2 million
  3. Their Willwriter has Public Liability Insurance of at least £2 million
  4. They will have a cooling off period of at least seven days in which to decide not to proceed
  5. In the event of a failure of a firm, if any money has been paid in advance of work being completed, that money will be refunded or the work completed by another practitioner
  6. Any complaints against an IPW member will be dealt with through a three stage process
    • an in-house process run by the IPW member
    • a conciliation service provided by the IPW
    • an independent arbitration scheme run for the IPW and its members by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators